*_As Dozens of PMDC Supporters Defect to SLPP…_* *_Bio Receives Heroic Welcome in Kenema_*

On his first official campaign to Kenema district, thousands of voters came out yesterday, 6th February 2018 to welcome the Presidential Candidate for the Sierra Leone People’s Party, the Retired Brigadier Julius Maada Bio. Bio was received by jubilant voters at the Bandama Check Point a mile away from the main Kenema municipality and was later taken through the central city of Kenema before moving to the City Field where he delivered his address.
The crowd, which seemed to have been waiting very anxiously to meet with the Rtd Brig Bio was painted green with bike riders and other supporters crisscrossing the municipality with flaring sounds and blaring music, traditional displays as well as chants reassuring Bio that this is his time. By the stir of emotion from the crowd, one could clearly fathom the cause of the excitement from a city that seemed to have found a savior having been deliberately neglected for over a decade.
Speaking at the event, the SLPP Presidential Candidate thanked the people of Kenema for their continued support to him and the SLPP. He commended them for always standing behind the party despite the neglect they have suffered from the APC government.
He told the people of Kenema that it is time for APC to leave the corridors of powers after ten years of misrule which has led to the vast majority of Sierra Leoneans living in absolute poverty. He said as a resourceful nation, Sierra Leone should have grown above its present retrogressive status if the APC was a government who cared about the welfare of its citizens. The former Head of State stated that his ambition to become the next President is built on the premises of liberating the nation from hardship and deprivation. “I know how to lead a change because I have been at the helm before. This nation needs a transformative change and that is why I have brought in the New Direction which will help to solve the plethora of problems facing this country,” the leading Presidential Candidate bluffed.
Bio, who is on record to have delivered every promise he has made to Sierra Leoneans including the restoration of multi-party democracy and the voluntarily handing over of power to a civilian government described himself as a patriot and a man of his words. He said he has the character and discipline to implement the policies and programmes in the SLPP manifesto and therefore called on voters to support his presidency and all SLPP candidates.
In another development, dozens of supporters formerly of the People’s Movement for Democratic Change (PMDC) defected to the SLPP. The defectors who handed over their PMDC registration cards to the SLPP said that the decision to move to their new home was as a result of the extraordinary leadership qualities of the Rtd Brig Bio and the policies encapsulated in his New Direction Manifesto which they said will form the bedrock to a prosperous Sierra Leone.

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