The Presidential Candidate for the main opposition Sierra Leone People’s Party, Retired Brigadier Julius Maada Bio has said that he is very proud of being a Sierra Leonean and will continue to be loyal and committed to this nation thus the reason he has never renounced his Sierra Leonean citizenship for any other country contrary to what others have done.

Bio made this statement on Thursday 18th January 2018 while addressing residents of the Goderich Community during a walking visit. He stated that he was open to a slew of opportunities had he chosen to naturalize oversees but deliberately turned them down only because of his love and loyalty to Sierra Leone “I couldn’t naturalize anywhere despite the plethora of opportunities in had in doing so simply because I have always stood by an oath I took to defend this nation at all times, so there was no reason to have thrown my allegiance to another country,” he averred.

He said any well meaning Sierra Leonean who wants to lead this nation should not be on record to have denied the very people he wants to lead “Anyone who is really serious about leading this nation should not be on record to have renounced his citizenship of this country because it signifies that they do not have this country at heart but are merely interested in gaining political power,” he opined.

Being a true patriot, Bio said that he took the decision to serve this nation at a time when many of his compatriots had decided to go for oversees studies while recalling that at a tender age he had the opportunity to lead this nation which he did and handed over the mantle of leadership to a civilian government for the restoration of peace and democracy in this land. He stated that these very people who left the country when she needed them the most are the ones parading and provoking Sierra Leoneans with messages of false change but urged the audience not to heed to all kinds of fake promises by thirsty politicians. He promised voters of quality livelihood and development if elected hence called on them to support his presidency.

As a peace loving Sierra Leonean, Bio who believes that election is a battle of ideas and policies rather than that of the fist, encouraged his supporters to ensure peaceful and violent free elections “Election should not be a cause for violence. As a nation, we should not involve in any act that will undermine our peace and stability because after all we are one country and one people,” a passionate Bio ended.

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