On the third day of his ongoing visit in Kono, the SLPP Presidential Candidate for the March 7th general elections, the Retired Brigadier Julius Maada Bio has vowed not to allow any restriction of people and vehicles on polling day as proposed by the Sierra Leone Police. Bio made this statement today while addressing voters in Mafindor, Gbane Kandor and Soa Chiefdoms in the Kono District.

Bio said the proposal made by the Sierra Leone Police might serve as a ploy to encourage the ruling APC party to manipulate the elections on polling day. He condemned the proposal and every other act geared towards giving undue advantage to the APC especially in using state institutions to practice their dubious acts.

“We will condemn any plan to restrict the movement of people and vehicles on polling day. As a disciplined party, we want to see polling day like any other normal day so there’s no need to create guidelines that will restrict the movement of vehicles and people. Any form of restriction of movement on voting day will be considered by us as a ploy by the APC to rig the elections,” he said, stating that as a party that has fought so hard for the restoration of multi party democracy in Sierra Leone, the SLPP will peacefully resist any act that is unlawful. Bio therefore called on the Sierra Leone Police to exploit other avenues in protecting the state on election day other than using curfew.

He assured the voters of better opportunities under his leadership stating that his presidency will transform the district by providing quality education, better health services, youth and women’s empowerment. He described the SLPP as the party that has brought hope for the people of Sierra Leone and therefore called on voters to support party.

In another development, the SLPP Presidential Candidate received over 100 voters who defected to the SLPP from the ruling APC. Making a statement on behalf of the defected voters, Sahr Aruna said that they have decided to take the bold step as a result of the bad management of the nation’s resources by the APC for the past ten years which he said has led to massive suffering in every part of the country. He described the Rtd. Brig. Bio as a God sent Leader ready to liberate this nation from the APC bondage and therefore called on others to support the presidency of the Rtd. Brig. Bio and all SLPP candidates.

Receiving the converts on behalf of the SLPP, Rtd. Brig. Bio thanked the voters for believing in his leadership qualities as well as accepting the doctrines of the SLPP. He promised that his government will bring development to the district and assured the converts that they will not regret their decision in joining the SLPP.

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