The Julius Maada Bio Women’s wing has donated $40, 000 United States Dollars (Le 308 Million) to the SLPP national elections campaign for the 7th March 2018. The presentation which took place on Wednesday 17th January was made to the SLPP Presidential Candidate, Rtd Brigadier Julius Maada Bio by the Chairlady of the JMB Women’s Wing, Hon. Emma Kowa-Jalloh.

In her presentation, the Chairlady of the JMB Women’s Wing reiterated the support group’s commitment to the Party, the Presidential Candidate and the empowerment of women within the Party and Sierra Leone.

Responding to the donation, the SLPP Presidential Candidate thanked the women’s wing for the donation stating that this was not a surprise as he was aware of the various donations and activities the support group has been involved in over the last four years. The SLPP Presidential Candidate also stated that the amount is the largest single donation which has been made by any female support group within the Party.

The donation has also been acknowledged by the SLPP Chairman, National Finance Committee, Babadi Kamara in a letter dated 17th January 2018 in which he stated: “This sum is very much appreciated as it will oil the wheels of politics to aid us in winning comfortably in the next elections. We hope and pray your beautiful example will be emulated by other groups and individuals so we will have the much needed resources to fund our campaigns and help defeat our contenders.”

Reacting to the donation, the founder of the JMB Women’s Wing, Fatima Bio said “I am very grateful to the members of the women’s wing at home and abroad for such financial support to the party and my husband. My husband strongly believes in women’s empowerment and as President he will ensure that all women regardless of backgrounds and political affiliation live a life of dignity.”
The JMB Women’s wing has been in existence since 2014 and has a global membership in Sierra Leone, UK and USA.

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